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For some couples, falling in love means being at the right place at the right time. For other couples, building a relationship happens when ties grow closer over long distances. For these two, it was both. A Texas-raised guy met a Florida girl in – of all places –  the capital of the nation, Washington, D.C. Long conversations left each of them curious about the other person, and over the months they kept in touch online. Eventually the two would end up living nearby each other in the Northeast, and then settling down in Houston, where they were ready to start the next chapter of their lives – together.

Meet Jenn and David.

Their wedding was the perfect mix of fun, meaningful moments, and tradition. The Catholic wedding mass with family and friends, the intimate family moments of the tea ceremony, and the lively reception at one of Houston’s perennial favorite venues.

In addition to her beautiful white gown, Jenn also got to wear a lovely traditional red gown for her reception. Love!

Jenn’s sweet mom put on one of the most impressive wedding day brunch meals we’ve seen.

Beautiful bride.

The groom looking sharp. Love the bowtie!

It was a SUNNY day for the wedding!

Jenn and David had a beautiful tea ceremony.

So cute.

We loved all of the cultural details at the reception!

The first dance was so much fun! Jenn rocked her traditional red wedding gown!


Jenn and David,

You two are so fun! We loved getting to be a part of your big day, and we are so happy for you both. We love how excited you both are to be together, and we hope that every year is even happier than the last. Best wishes for a wonderful life together!

-Matt and Ivy

PS. Thank you for introducing us to Juicebox! 😉

Story from the bride: 

How I met David:
I happened to meet David after college, and right before I moved to Washington D.C. Through some mutual friends, we all met at D.C. for a big event. Both of us were the responsible designated drivers for the evening, and we got to chat. I had an immediate attraction towards this tall Asian man. He had all the qualities any Asian parent would look for. He was tall, broad, had nice eyebrows, a nice smile, a well shaped nose, a nice forehead, earlobes that had the perfect length, he loved Jesus, played the violin, spoke Chinese fluently, and went to an Ivy League school. Imagine a white cloud, and some hearts around his face while I was getting to know him. Yes…he met everything on my checklist.
But alas, our distance was a problem for our possible developing relationship. He was still going to school in New York, while I was hunting for jobs in Florida. We continued to talk (thank God for ooVoo, Skype, G-chat, and Facebook). Eventually, I found a job in D.C. and was luckily closer to him too! It was a 6 hour drive to New York, so we’d take turns driving to see each other. Eventually, when we had visited his family in Houston…I fell in love…with the state. I moved down to Houston for work, and he eventually moved down to continue school.

How I Met Jenn:
I met Jenn through mutual friends in Washington D.C. I realized that we clicked almost immediately and we had very many things in common. I ended up talking to Jenn until the sun came up the next day to try and get to know as much as I could about her. As we left, I did not think that I would ever see Jenn again since she lived n Florida and I was in New York. Fortunately, Jenn was much more persistent when it came to keeping in touch with each other and we talked online for several months afterwards. She also managed to find a job in D.C., which made the distance more manageable. We began dating and I told her that I would continue my studies in Houston and that she should consider moving there since job opportunities were better. Jenn quickly found a job there and moved down with me to Houston where we currently reside.

Planning for the Wedding:

I (Jenn) planned 99.9% of the wedding. I was told by other married couples that the wedding will not be exactly how I originally planned it, and that it’ll all be okay. There were a lot of little details that were forgotten up until the week/day of the wedding: The invitations had to be revised about 5 times before it was printed, my shoes were not decided on until 2 weeks before the wedding, didn’t order enough boutonnieres for the family, forgetting to invite some guests until the week of, etc. Sometimes, being an organized person may not be applicable during wedding planning. Overall, these things were forgotten the moment I walked down the aisle. As busy as the week may have been, it was a definite blur.

Favorite Part of the Wedding

Jenn’s Favorites:

– Walking down the aisle with my mom and uncle, my support team!
– Entering the reception while dancing, knowing that all the stress is over and it’s time to start partying and eating!

David’s Favorites:

– Drinking with his friends and eating whenever he could
– Getting the first look at his groom’s cake – he even took a photo with his phone


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Something New, Something Blue: Blue Apron Review

One of the fun things about being a wedding photographer is that we get to make friends with lots of amazing people – brides, grooms, families, and of course, awesome vendors in the wedding industry! One of our favorite DFW area venues, Dallas Baptist University’s Pilgrim Chapel, has its weddings run by the sweet Vivian. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with her on a number of weddings, and of course, we keep up with each other on Facebook in between events.

Since our days can be pretty hectic, especially now that we balance being parents and running a business, you can imagine how excited we were when Vivian offered to have Blue Apron send us some ready-to-make dinners. It’s something we’ve never tried before, and we are just a little bit blown away. Basically a magical box shows up on your doorstep, packed full of fresh vegetables, herbs, sauces, cheeses, and proteins, and a fantastic recipe for each night.
We got to make three dates out of it, cooking and enjoying time together in the kitchen. The delivery included everything we needed to make:
  • Seared Salmon and Salsa Verde with Orange Spinach and Farro Salad
  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Endive and Blue Cheese Salad (Matt’s Favorite!)
  • Cacciatore Style Italian Baked Eggs with Garlic Toast (Ivy’s Favorite)
It was awesome, it freed up time, and we loved two of the meals especially – the chicken sandwiches were to die for, and the Italian baked eggs were incredible. The Salmon was good, but not half as amazing as the other two (maybe because it was the healthier option, ha!). Overall, everything was delicious, and now we just might try it out again. In fact, we loved the idea so much, that we’ve decided to try a few more delivery services before choosing our favorite. So…Hello Fresh is coming next week! There’s a lot to live up to, because we loved Blue Apron, but we’re excited to give it a try. We’ll be posting a review on that one also.

Do you use a meal delivery service? If so, let us know on the Facebook page which one is your favorite, and any tips on what your favorite selections are!

Thanks again to Vivian for the special treat!

-Matt and Ivy

Thankful for…

Thanksgiving 2015 was amazing.

This year, we welcomed our baby into the family, and I learned something about love… That no matter how much love you think your heart can hold, a flood of love can come on top of that. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Ivy any more, she blew me away with how sweet and gracious she was throughout the challenges of growing a brand new human being. Then, when our baby arrived, I got to hold him, look into his big brown eyes, and tell him how much I love him.

Over this past year, I have had the incredible joy of capturing moments along this journey.

It started out one morning when we found out that we had a little one on the way. I had no idea what fatherhood meant, how to change a diaper or burp a baby or… anything. That moment was full of so much excitement, so much uncertainty, and topped with even more excitement.

Then came the challenges of a rough pregnancy. I often watched as Ivy fought through the challenges, strong and sweet as ever, as I stood to the side feeling helpless to ease things for her. Her ever present smile brought hope and light even when we weren’t sure what the future would hold or if things would be ok.

Finally, September came, and our baby boy’s heartbeat rang strong and clear as he made his debut. As our little guy came into the world with his ten fingers and ten toes, I realized we had started a whole new adventure together.

Here are a few of the photos I took along the way.

Birth Announcement - Pregnancy Stages - Series - Matt and Ivy Photography 2015
Every day when I pick our son up, look into his eyes, and see him smile back at me, I am flooded with gratitude. It’s a kind of gratitude I didn’t know existed – couldn’t have known existed. What am I thankful for? Even putting that into words brings a flood, since there is too much to be grateful for. I am continuously grateful for my loving, strong wife, and can only begin to express how thankful I am that she has given me this incredible gift of a precious little life to care for. I appreciate every moment of the present and am SO excited about all the Thanksgivings and Christmases of the future.

Thank you, Ivy.


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